Erin Richards (Gotham) shows how even the most evil supervillains find our sexual... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Erin Richards, Murf Meyer, Shamikah Martinez, Terry Withers & Victor Varnado
DP: Tyler Ribble
Production Designer: Ryan Smith
Hair & Makeup: Blair Aycock & Rachael Estebrook
Wardrobe: Meghan Campbell
Sound Recordist: Ted Robinson
Gaffer: Paul Trujillo
Key Grip: Rachel Kessler
Assistant Camera: JT Schindler
Production Coordinator: Nick Carpenter
Production Assistant: Danielle Massie

Erin Richards: Erin: My fellow villains,
for years we have tried to
Erin Richards: destroy Captain Brave, and
he's always managed to
Erin Richards: defeat us, but no more.
Erin Richards: Tarantula Man,
I want ideas.
Victor Varnado: We can release all of the
inmates from Grisham Asylum,
Victor Varnado: and they'll tear
this city apart.
Erin Richards: Not bad.
Dr. Obliterato.
My lunar ray can harness the
power of the moon to create
a giant tidal wave that will
destroy the town.
Erin Richards: I want more!
Murf Meyer: Lets make sexual assault
survivors pay for their
Murf Meyer: own raped kids.
Erin Richards: What?
Murf Meyer: We'll make sexual assault
survivors pay for their own
Murf Meyer: raped kids.
Erin Richards: No. That's too far.
Shamikah Martinez: I say we use this red crystal
from the planet Morgon
Shamikah Martinez: to take control of
Captain Brave (laughs).
Murf Meyer: Speaking of destroying,
we should automatically
Murf Meyer: destroy untested raped
kids every 6 months.
Murf Meyer: That way the assailant
will get away with it.
Shamikah Martinez: What the fuck dude?
Murf Meyer: Hey, I'm just trying to think
of the most evil thing.
Erin Richards: We are thinking of the most
evil things, within reason.
Erin Richards: Like sinking the entire
city into the ocean.
Murf Meyer: Oh. Okay. Sorry, I get it.
Erin Richards: Back. Let's just get back to
what we were talking about.
Murf Meyer: Oh-oh. I got one. Lets have
police deny sexual assault
Murf Meyer: survivors access to
their police report.
Several Voices: No!
Murf Meyer: It denies sexual assault
survivors their right to
Murf Meyer: a counselor.
Erin Richards: Enough!
Erin Richards: Maniac, I'm a super villain.
I personally want
Erin Richards: to watch Captain Brave
weep as his beloved city
Erin Richards: sinks into the ground,
but even I wouldn't do any
Erin Richards: of the fucked up stuff
you're saying.
Murf Meyer: Ha-ha. Yes. See, that's
what's so great about it.
Murf Meyer: We don't have to do anything.
These things
Murf Meyer: are already happening
in many states.
Erin Richards: Really?
Shamikah Martinez: We should probably do
something about this right?
Erin Richards: Yes. We will call Captain Brave,
and team up to get
Erin Richards: some fucking common sense,
legal protection for
Erin Richards: sexual assault survivors, and
then we'll sink the city
Erin Richards: into the ocean.

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