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Full Credits

Executive Producers
Maya Erskine
Anna Ryan Konkle
Taichi Erskine
Written By
Maya Erskine
Anna Ryan Konkle
Directed By
Hunter Mossman
Maya Erskine
Anna Ryan Konkle
Lyndsey Doolen
Grace Folsom
Edited By
Taichi Erskine
Music Composed By
Dave Velez
First Assistant Camera
Rohan Ali
Sound Engineer
Sam Brawner
Titles By
Moses Journey
Associate Producers
David Gosnell
David White & Sally Knight
Gayle Belin & Gary Kessler
Darlene Chan
Zoe Costello
Kathryn Bryson
Bill Staples
Patricia Brown
Steve Wymore
Nancy Erskine Schreiner
Eileen T'Kaye
Jayne Goldsmith
Valerie Bishop
Will Springhorn Jr.
Paul & Mary Jane Ohlson
Aaron Louis
Richard T. Kvistad
Janet Ryan
Peter Erskine
Rose & Paul McGowan
John Entjes
James Konkle
Carlos Andujar
Terry Sanders
Gabrielle Hamilton
Keith Sportack
Gerine Ongkeko
Funding Came From
Barbara Brighton
Janna R. White
Liv Marsico
Chinaza Uche
Karl Hartman
Lyndsey Doolen
Tyla Fowler
Greg T. Gordon
Clay Farland
Lauren Souther
Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Anne Hills
Vardan Ovsepian
Lauren Matthews
Steve Faust
Jamie Libertoff
Jessica Kansiz
Ted Caine
Jay Guerrero
Eileen O'Brien
Antoine Petit
John Sloan
Bates Wilder
Noelle Ghoussaini
Anne Darragh
Ben Lear
Rhoda & Rob Chickering
Randy Nakano
Wes &dd Leslie Mann
Elizabeth Bryson
Jo Lampert
Stephanie Sportack
Hope Gilmore
Marisol Sacramento
Sophia Moreno-Bunge
Annabelle Gurwitch
Jill Baron
Courtney McGowan
John Cole
Piama Habibullah
Lauren Sozmen
Jerome Rabow
Mutsy Erskine
Debbie Gibbons Kraus
More Info:
Project Reality is a new webseries written, performed + produced by MANA ( It consists of five pilots and a music video world premiere. Each webisode is a new pilot of a rejected reality show that never made it to airing.
After MANA airs all the rejects, the audience will vote on which pilot they want to see a full season of, and MANA will produce it. Which is great 'cuz after watching we'll all feel a better 'bout our own f'ed up lives... uh... what? Yeah, it's like that. Get weird.