You ain't takin' no for answer.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
"The Forcer" - Myss Moxie
"Joe" - Vincent Ward
Created/Written by - Peppur Chambers
Directed/Written by - Morenike Efuntade Evans
Edited by - Marc Gordon
Music by - Emmi Debeau
PA - Crescent Muhammad
Produced by: P. Chambers, M. Evans, Yasmine Richard, Yemi Adegbonmire for BGRLA Productions
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Tip #2: Force A Relationship
Repeatedly try to make a Joe be in a relationship even when he repeatedly says he doesn’t want to be IN a relationship. Make him take you on special dates that never have you outside of his or your apartment. Even if you get all dressed up. Sleep with him on each of these “dates”. Snuggle with him after you sleep with him, and if he tries to jump out of bed or push you way, wrap your legs around him like you are a hungry python.
FTG: Myss Moxie