Nancy Meyers movies like 'The Intern,' 'It's Complicated,' and 'Something's Gotta Give' always seem to be missing something, and this black guy (Jason Mitchell) is going to find out what. more »

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Starring- Jason Mitchell
Directors & Editors- Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
Writer- Todd Waldman
Producer- Brianne Trosie
DP- Barry Elmore
1st AC- Ludovica Isidori
Gaffer- Blake Farnham
Key Grip- Jerome Joves
Swing- Joel Bezemer
Production Design- Nathan Carden
Sound- GoPal Bidari
Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg
Hair & Makeup- Taylor Tompkins
PA- Ben Parks

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September 24, 2015


( music )
NARRATOR: From Nancy Meyers, the woman
who brought you the
immaculate kitchens of
Something's Got to Give,
the gigantic, poopy sweaters
of The Holiday,
and the tiny problems of
white people, in It's Complicated,
comes Nancy Meyers most
audacious effort to date,
( elevator bell )
What? Did you think it was going
to be Robert De Niro.
NARRATOR: Black Guy in a Nancy Meyers movie.
What up fam?
I'm here for the Nancy Meyers film.
How did you get in this movie?
Look, I get it, you've never
seen a black guy in a movie
like this, right, but we
just like ya'll.
I promise, it'll be great.
Hey, how's it going?
I'm Jason Mitchell, the black guy.
I'm glad you also see the
humor in this.
Yeah, I was thinking I about
going a little method.
I listen to a boat load of
Dave Matthews Band.
I had a half bottle
of Rose before I got here,
I had like 10 ( inaudible ) playing last night.
I'm pumped for this.
I was going to wear a suit,
but I didn't want to
you know, stick out too much.
I don't think you need a suit
to do that.
That's a little rude.
You'll get used to me.
NARRATOR: Staring Straight Outta Compton's
Jason Mitchell.
Who inspired you?
Spike Lee, Langston Hugues...
I mean um...Phil Collins.
Old school.
So you're Jewels new driver?
Who do I look like, Morgan Freeman?
This ain't Driving Miss Daisy.
That's hysterical.
Who is this?
NARRATOR: Black Guy in a
Nancy Meyers Movie.
How can one generation have, men
gone from guys like
Jack Nicholson, and Harrison
Ford to...
You can't name one black person?
Oh boy.
( music )