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Full Credits

Created and Directed by Mike Mansewitsch & Willy Roberts
Written and Produced by Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts
Shot and Editing by Mike Manasewitsch
Original Songs Composed by Ryan Elder
Production Design by Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts
Music Supervision by Danny Jelinek
Illustrations by Lauren Benson
Special Effects by Mike Manasewitsch & Mike Stebbins
Animation by Mike Manasewitsch
1st Camera Assistance by Mike Karnell
Artistic Contributions by Mike Karnell, Anastasia Magoutas, Lauren Benson & Jason Whetzell
(in order of appearance):
Willy Roberts, Steve Agee, Rob Schrab, Kate Freund, DeMorge Brown, Trillion Galloway, Madeline Schichtel, Kumail Nanjiani, & Mike Rose.
The Kids:
Aldolfo Alvarez, Alonso Alvarez, Jose Alvarez, Cody Brown, Jesselyn Brown, Tiffany Chao, Elijah Grissom, Jolie Jacobs, Shane Jacobs, Sinead Martin, Maggie McDougal, Frankie Peters, Isabella Rios, Aniva Salvini and Corinna Will
Special Thanks to Jon Hill, Jackie Li, David Lyons, Joe Manasewitsch, Ben Plumier, & Zach Zdziebko

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