No Topic Is Off Limits. Educate Yourself. If You Don't Tell Them, Then Who Will?


( music plays )
Jessica Biel: What is it
with men buying condoms that are too big?
Whitney Cummings: Yeah,
the baggy condom is not a good look.
No it's not cute.
The point is, I think you should
get a size smaller
so your dick looks bigger.
( music plays )
The other problem with the
big large condom is, they
fall off. Right?
Oh yeah they fall off, and
when they fall off, where
do they fall?
Joy Bryant: They fall in.
- They fall up.
And then they get jammed up
there, and by the time
you realize what's happening--
And then you're coughing it out.
( music plays )
( interposing voices )
Your playing doctor in there.
( interposing voices )
Like at a kids party.
( music plays )
Have you ever had that moment
where you're literally
laying there, and you
say your dude, "You gotta get in
there. You gotta find it."
And then it's like cave
diving, and his arms, and his heads
in there, and he's looking, and
it's no where.
( music plays )
You always know when it's
fallen off, because
it starts feeling better to him
and you're like,
"Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Something's wrong."
And you gotta put your foot
up on the tub, and start getting
in there.
You gotta get a tong maybe, or something.
And then he's like, "See ya.
I'm going to head home."
( music plays )