Mike and Vike are 30 pills of Vicodin that are shaped and colored like Mike and... more »

Full Credits

Executive Producer - Chris Pyne
Story by Zach Johnson
Written by Zach Johnson and Chris Pyne
Directed by Daryl Dempsey
DP'd by Chris Brown (no, not the singer)
Edited by Dan Didsbury
Starring Zach Johnson as 'Karl', Matt Wheeler as 'Stan', Alexander Kerr as 'the Movie Guy D-Bag', Ellis Norman as 'the Ref', Valerie Romo as the 'You Stink' kid, Cassie Rubino as the 'Wife', John Fulton as the 'Swarmy Neighbor' and Gregg Brown as the 'Concession Guy'.
VO by Ellis Norman
Graphic Design (Mike and Vike boxes) by Jason Altman