RoboCop -- Peter Weller -- is totally pumped about Detroit's plans build a monument to him.

Full Credits

Starring: Peter Weller
Hapless intern: Andrew Grissom
Written/Directed by: Chris Farah
Edited by: Kevin Oeser
Visual FX by: Dustin Bowser
DP: Brian Lane
Producer: Anna Wenger
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
PA/Creator of Robo-Helmet: Sam Varela
Teleprompter: Andrew Grissom
Special Thanks: Todd Eisner, Adam Ayers & Jackie Silver
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[Music Playing]
Peter Weller: Citizens of Detroit, Peter Weller here. Back in nineteen eighty-seven I played Alex Murphy, better known to you as RoboCop. A good policeman that some greedy punks turned into a heavily armed cyborg. Now, you want to build a statue, a monument to RoboCop and all he stands for.
Peter Weller: But, regrettably, not all of you see the wisdom of this tribute to the spirit of your city. Specifically, your mayor David Bing, who said the idea is silly. Well, Mayor Bing, if that in fact is your real name, was it silly when Murphy sacrificed his very identity to fight crime?
Peter Weller: Was it silly when Murphy cleaned up drugs in Detroit and saved the city from being demolished? Was it silly when Murphy battled the super robot Cain, tore out his human brain with his bare hands, all you could see was his spinal cord all wriggling and stuff, and Cain was screaming 'Ahhhhh!' all for you, citizens of Detroit?
Peter Weller: I don't find it silly at all. Well, the people of Detroit, RoboCop still has many challenges to face. Rampant unemployment, degradation of our nation's manufacturing days, and, of course, those corporate bastards at OCP led by the diabolical new CEO Rick Snyder. Together, you, RoboCop, Eminem, Chrysler, GM, and Ford, Elmoy Leonard, Michael Moore, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Tom Hulse, Tim Allen, Ted Nugent, Kurt Gibson, that dude who played poker in Revenge of the Nerds, we will all work to rebuild our amazing city, and erect a giant monument to RoboCop, the cyborg of self [Singing] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.
[Music Playing]
Peter Weller: Sock it to me, sock it to me.
[Music Playing]
Peter Weller: Dead or alive, you're coming with me.