Long lost sex tape with Eva Longoria and Perry Hilton.
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Starring Eva Longoria and Perry Hilton.
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Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Eva Longoria: Perry, are you sure we
should be doing this?
Perry Hilton: Mmh...
Eva Longoria: What if it gets out?
It could be really embarrassing.
Perry Hilton: Don't worry baby, I'm gonna
put it someplace safe,
Perry Hilton: like the glove box
in my car.
Perry Hilton: You need a key to
get in there.
(music plays)
Perry Hilton: Hello, hotel?
This is Perry Hilton.
Perry Hilton: Listen, if you hear yelling
coming from my room, don't worry.
Perry Hilton: It's the good kind.
(music plays)
Perry Hilton: I love turkey.
Perry Hilton: Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
Perry Hilton: Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
Eva Longoria: I look good in night vision.
Perry Hilton: You do look good in
night vision.
Perry Hilton: Be free! Arms out!
You're flying!
Eva Longoria: Alright, are you sure no
one's ever going to see this?
Eva Longoria: 'Cause, one day I might want
to marry a really cute
basketball player,
Eva Longoria: or something like that.
(straining sounds)
Perry Hilton: One hundred and eleven.
Perry Hilton: You're a basketball player.
Eva Longoria: No, you're a basketball
Perry Hilton: No, you're a basketball...
Perry Hilton: Eva Longoria?
Eva Longoria: Come back to bed.
I have an audition
Eva Longoria: tomorrow for something called Desperate Housewives.
Perry Hilton: That sounds like crap!
(music plays)
Perry Hilton: Life's tasty.