Are you ready to get punched in the face with fitness? Then step into the fires of the Ab Lab, with the Absmith and prepare to be Abdominated.

Why is this one called the one-sided pimp-slap?

Because if you don't pay attention, this exercise will pimp-slap yo self all over tha gym.

Take your standard bench and your standard barbell.

Put weight on - one side and one side only.

Start with light weight and start with a wide grip, not a wide stance.

As you strengthen over time with this exercise, feel free to try moving to a close-grip for even more core activation.

Make sure to use a clamp or collar to keep the weight from sliding off.

Perform a standard bench press but be careful with the balancing of the bar.

Even if you are prepared mentally for this exercise, your body still won't be ready when you take it off the hooks, so start slow and have a spotter.

Whichever side the weight is on, you will feel the effort in your obliques on the opposite side.

That barbell looks hungry for a handwich.

Take that barbell!