Hitler hears about Ahmedinajad plans for an Iranian atomic bombHitler hears about Ahmedinajad plans for an Iranian atomic bomb

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May 09, 2010


Downfall movie

the clown says he will build 3 new factories
One in southern Tehran and two up north in the mountains
The work will begin immediately
and two factories will be ready by the autumn
The ones in the mountains by the winter to produce yellow cake
What can we do with all those mushroom growers?
sir, we...
there is not much we can do about it,
he is building underground
The regular bombs won't work

May I ask everyone to leave but Carter, Yoji, Krups and Putin

The bloody Mother fuXXer!
one Ahmed is fooling all of us!
He is surrounded by his Ayatollas,
with their stupid hats
And plans to kill us all!

This is the end of the world
Lets think like the jews!

they don't think from their asses!

How can't we, the big nation,
deal with this retarded negro feigale!

Sir, we cannot call him a feigale on television, it is not politically correct

I will call a feigale to whomever I want, even live on CNN!

Sir, they will censor the broadcast

I don't give a damn about this network!
They have too many re-runs!

this Iranian son of a bXXXX will not finish his natural life
We need to make sure he is destroyed and the sooner, the better!

We can put a bomb under his table
and when he comes in, it will explode
and spread his organs all over the world!
this little pretentious prick!
he probably has a smaller prick than Stalin's!

They also cut it, so it's even smaller than it's supposed to be

We can start some sanctions!
Hard sanctions!
Even Europe will join!

That will teach him a lesson!
He will be begging to get some oil for his kebabs!

The little Shmock will sit and eat his stinky Falafel in a rotten jail!

Maybe we need something more drastic

Paint our planes like Persian carpets with all the little patterns
We will make a mushroom out of his flat head!

Woman: Don't worry gertrud, we will not take your carpet

I will join the forces myself

Veblen was right with his technological determinism theory
any asshole
can fart an atomic bomb

Remember the story of Massadah
They refused to fall in the hands of the enemy and they cut their own heads

Maybe we will do the same thing