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Yall hurd ov govermint shutdowns, well I wish a brain-eetin ameeba would find its way... more »
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Lawd y'all don't even know
how drunk I had to get
to bitch about the bitchiest
bitch of them all!
And naw, this ain't no
autobiographical HISI.
We talkin' 'bout
Numero Cunto Uno,
Ann Coulter.
Don't y'all think the world'll be
a better place once this
shit-cunt take a dirt face-
I mean a dirt nap.
Shit! I mean a dirt nap,
I mean.
Lemme just say
when I find out I'm terminal,
I'm gonna take that bitch out
for all of us as a goodbye present.
Goodbye, Cuntface!
Hey, I'm Loretta Jenkins
and this here How I-
Did I already do this?
Lemme just calm down here.
I gotta be a certain level of drunk
to talk on politics nowadays.
Cause everybody jump down your throat
for every little teeny tiny thing.
Whatever happened to free speech, huh?
This heifer we talkin' on today
need to have her goddamn lips stitched together.
Both pairs of lips,
if you know what I mean.
Cause each of her holes
is entirely useless.
Fuck, I hate her!
Now I know I go off on
all them stupid Pullicunts all the time,
but I'm here to say
they ain't all bad,
ain't all their ideas bad.
There's always one good apple
amongst the rotten bunches,
at least I think that's what
they always used to say.
I ain't listenin' to you.
She always be like flappin' her gums
with that stretch-backed face.
I call her Chatter-Botoxy.
She ain't nothin' but a Chatter-Botoxy!
She all out on the TV circuit
spittin' out her venomy hate
to all the countryside dumb motherfuckers.
Any of this makin' sense to you?
I think I might start believing in God again
if He, She, Shim-
Whateverthefuck's PC nowadays…
If God gave Ann Coulte
miracle prostate cancer.
I mean, ya hear me?
You got a willin' convert right here!
All you gotta do is lift a finge
and perform a miracle.
Come on, Lazy!
Do your thing!
Prove Thyself!
Damn, I bit my tongue.
He smited me.
Hey, you know what?
She do have good hair though.
Shit, if I'm ever at a political rally
and I use my sign
to split that bitch's skull open
and I got her pinned down on the ground
chokin' the ever-livin' shit outta her,
I might ask her,
"Where do you get your good conditioner?"
She must use that mangey-tail horsey sauce.
Cause she do look like she could
win at the Preakniss.
(horse whinny)
I guess as much as I bitch on this bitch,
If you could ever just get he
to quit talking politics,
I bet me and her could sit
and down some good moonshine
and be catty, bitchy girlfriends together.
You can't be her friend,
She's the Devil!!!
Shit, Margie.
Thanks for that.
Sometimes I'm thankful
to be haunted in the noggin.
These sisters?
They usually keep me from
making bad life choices these days.
Like voting Pullican.
She just a media-hungry attention whore.
Well move over, cunt!
I'm already doing that job,
and people actually like
and wanna fuck me!
What, huh, what?
You jealous, Cunt?
Caw! You come on down here.
I swear, I'd like to get locked up with he
in a Glorious Ladies of Wrestlin' cage.
I would punch a hole
through her chest
right where her heart would be
if she had been bornt with one!
I wonder if I could sue he
and get her insurance to pay for my Xanax.
Ima have to check my Obamacare pamphlet on that.
What I don't understand is
all these fringe faggots what likes her!
WTF kinda self hate
is you sufferin' from
in order to hold this cunt
in such high regard?
She talk down to queers
and makes fun of gay marriages
and then all you GO Proud Buttfuckers out there
you call her your Julie Garland.
That is an insult to the makers
of the gay rights movement.
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
How many drag queens had to die
at the Stonehenge
just so you could live open and free?
And then you nuzzle up to the tit
of somebody who hates you?
Have some respects!
Ooh and speaking of drag queens,
has y'all ever seen her Adam's Apple?
Ew. Gross.
It's creepy.
Shit, I wouldn't be surprised
if she had a giant set of balls on her too!
Aww shit!
Maybe that's why she mad all the damn time!
She one of those transgendicles
and she don't even know it!
Hormones all out of whack.
Bless her tranny heart.
Aww wait.
There was something she said
that was so retarded the other day
Oh she said gays ought to support pro-life,
cause once they find the gay gene,
guess who gonna get aborted?
Well she don't know Liberals too well.
They loves havin' gay children!
(laughs, coughs)
Stupid bitch.
The brass tax on Ann Coulter is…
She a racist, homophobic bigot-bitch!
And I feel sorry for anybody out there
who believes in her brand of baloney.
Cause it just really mean
that you just too goddamn stoop to breathe!
And that's How I Seize It!