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The Mob Wives regret last night's dinner party where they all beat each... more »
Published July 12, 2011 570k views Immortal More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The Mob Wives:
Carla- Sophia Bush
Drita- Drea de Matteo
Karen- D'Arcy Carden
Renee- Lucia Aniello
Writer/Director: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
DP: James Codeglia
Cam Op: Brad Conlin
Cam Op: Eli Goldstein
Sound: Steve Pallow for BoTown Sound
Wardrobe: Amber Hamzeh
Production Designer: Ellie del Campo
Art Assistant: Samantha Corona
Editor: Bill Parker
Makeup: AnnaRose Kern
Assistant Makeup: Melissa Tolentino
PA: Matt Plonsker
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