Adam West introduces you to his famous eyehole paintings which are now available for all of your home security needs.
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Adam West
Written and Directed by Scott Gairdner
Director of Photography: Kevin Atkinson
Eyehole Agents: Perry Smith, Ryan Mitchell, Erika Deoudes, Brian Rowe, Michelle Goldfine
Homeowner: Scott Gairdner
Wife: Erin Pade
Crook: Michael Truly
Victim: Clay Dzygun
Eye Model: Ryan Mitchell
Crook #2: Kent Gairdner
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by Allison Hord
AC: Gabe Diniz
Edited by: Scott Gairdner
Sound: BoTown Sound
Wardrobe: Diane Herlofsky
Production Design: Tony Swansey, Colin Blake
Makeup: Sara Irving
G&E: Jason Lopez, Andrew Crighton
PA: Jordan Martin
Special Thanks: Bill Boston
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Published: September 14, 2010