Captain Planet stars in a horrible film as human action hero, Croc Peterson... Then turns everyone into trees.

Full Credits

Starring Don Cheadle
Featuring Efren Ramirez, India Wadsworth, Jurnee Smollett, Mike Hanford, Azmyth Kaminski, Alfonsso Lover, Jared Benjamin, Kyle Williams, Matt Pittman, Peter Sudarso, Keith Summers, Kenny Apel, Justin Baltz, Veranika Kan & Davis Coh
Written & Directed by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
DP: Tom Banks
1st AC: Tom Jordan
2nd AC: Nils Refvik
DIT: Blair Neighbors
Producer: Ryan Kohler
Production Manager: Bryson Pintard
1st AD: Shadie Elnashai
2nd AD: Roslyn Aronowitz
VTR: Bob Mills
Gaffer: Eric Ulbrich
Electric: Brandon Alperin & Derek Hoffman
Swing: Dimitri Andrade
Grips: Steve Dorman, Dan Conner & Andy Wilson
Production Design: Flower Cole
Art Director: Libby Wampler
Art Dept: Frank Camara, Marcy Silver, Lupe Sanchez & Reanna Fitzpatrick
Stylist: Aubrey Binzer
Stylist Asst: Jen Grable
Make Up SFX: Chris Mills
Make Up/Hair: Brenna Haukedahl & Maria Coria
Sound Mixer: Ayan Pratap
PAs: Mike Rutkowski, Matt Faigh & Wayne Wolfgram
Colorist - Trevor Durtschi


[bell rings]
[police siren]
[door opens]
[door closes]
India Wadsworth: From what they say about
you, you're a merciless
India Wadsworth: killer, and an incredible lover,
India Wadsworth: with great hair.
India Wadsworth: Could all of these
be true?
Don Cheadle: Would you care to
find out Selena?
Don Cheadle: You double
crossing tramp.
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
India Wadsworth: Now about that incredible
lover part, CP.
Don Cheadle: It's Croc.
Croc Peterson.
Director: And cut.
Don Cheadle: I'm sorry Jason. Sorry.
Mike Hanford: No Mr. Planet.
That was fantastic.
Don Cheadle: Yeah, it's the 4th
one this week.
Mike Hanford: She's replaceable.
Don Cheadle: Yeah. I guess we're
going to have to call
Central Casting, huh.
Mike Hanford: Oh me? Sure.
[background talking]
Mike Hanford: What does this have
to do with the environment?
[pencil tapping]
Don Cheadle: Pecker? Woodpecker.
Don Cheadle: Peck.
Don Cheadle: Sorry everybody.
Don Cheadle: I thought it was a
Don Cheadle: I hate woodpeckers.
Mike Hanford: Get me every pecker
you can spare.
Mike Hanford: This is how we
can stop him.
Mike Hanford: Woodpeckers!
Don Cheadle: No witnesses.
Don Cheadle: Oh. That's a wrap.
Don Cheadle: Who's left?
[jingling bell]
Don Cheadle: Baby. Baby, baby.
Don Cheadle: Captain is back.
Don Cheadle: Seven billion new
trees Gaia.
Jurnee Smollett: No more humans?
Don Cheadle: It's like we always
talked about.
Don Cheadle: It's just you and me.
Jurnee Smollett: All of the creatures
of the earth.
Jurnee Smollett: Your work has created
endless sanctuaries for
Jurnee Smollett: millions of new birds.
Don Cheadle: Birds...
Jurnee Smollett: Robins. Cardinals.
[bird flapping away]
[bird chirping]
[bird chirping]
Don Cheadle: Pe...pecker?
Don Cheadle: Too much peckers.
Jurnee Smollett: Ah!
Don Cheadle: Noo!
[birds chirping]
[woodpecker pecking]