Four friends gather for football Sunday when some uninvited guests show up at thier door. Hilarity ensues!

Full Credits

The Fantasy Life Film
The Fantasy Life film was created in four days total. On Wednesday, October 3rd I came up with the idea for the story. I wrote the entire script in 45 minutes that afternoon. On Thursday I called some friends and cast all the roles without holding one single audition. I found a Production Assistant (Patrick Ferguson) and a Make-up Artist (Melissa Apyepong) on craigslist and I bought an HD Sony Camera, editing software and a tripod that afternoon. Fortunately, I am located in Los Angeles so a local prop house provided me with 6 pairs of binoculars and a badge for our FBI Agents. Friday I made a call sheet, confirmed all of the actors and was exited for the big shoot.
The shoot day was a total of 4 hours. From 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. We had a great time on set, although making sure I got all of the "coverage" was a little stressful. Once we were done shooting - I started editing that evening and I had the film complete by 11:00 pm on Saturday, October 7th. This is the first film that I have ever produced. (Make that produced, directed, wrote and shot!) The Actors were amazing to work with and I think they immediatley clicked as there were some great moments of comedy in this film. Please take the time to vote for our short film The Fantasy Life.
Special thanks to the cast and crew...
Brandon Dean as Trevor:
Ron Brosh as Sully:
Eric Kan as Mike:
Brian Veronica as R.J.:
Jessica Bork as Kelli:
Michael-John Wolfe as Agent Weir:
Matt Silvio as Agent Wolfe
and the crew...
Patrick J. Ferguson as Production Assistant
Melissa Apyepong as Make-Up Artist/Hair
Best regards, Michael-John Wolfe