DJ Timbo & Friends are back with another parody of Epic Proportions. It's a GAS
Published July 04, 2010 6.7k views More Info ┬╗
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Let the Gas pass! Freedom to fart!
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Producer Jen Scarne
Executive Producer Dave Aude┬┤
Directed by DJ Timbo
Director of Photography David Robin
Miley Look A Like Tanya Shaby
Choreographer Kathryn Burns
Entourage Dancers
Katie Cockrell
Tia Robinson
Sydney Benner
Party People
James Ross
Amanda Lynne
David Stamp
Jeri Wingo
Jason Hughes
Devyn Ashley
Kelsey Molidor
Erin Ellsworth
Max Robin
Paul Lowe
Ernest Stone
Jamie Ramsden
Casey Barr
Grady Kelly
Cameo by
Ricky "Rocks"
Gaffer Nick Kane
Cam Assist Miles Dahl
Jib Op Charles Chen
Steady Cam Aldo Valadez
Photographer Teresa Ann Howard
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Published: July 04, 2010
Tags: miley cyrus parody dj timbo