The next great disaster movie starring Rebecca Black will finally deal with what days come after Friday and what days don't.

Full Credits

Starring: Rebecca Black
Written by: Pat Bishop
DP: Brian Lane
Grip: Elliot Dickerhoof
Sound: Steve Pallow
Edited by: Pat Bishop
Produced by: Allison Hord
Make up by: Julianne Kaye
Special Thanks: Georgina Marquez Kelly, Debra Baum, Tony Novia



> Rebecca Black led an ordinary life.
Going to school, deciding which part of
the car to sit in,
Getting made fun of on the internet.
But this Friday, everything is about to

> We are not alone.

> I am not looking forward to this
This Friday the aliens are coming, and
you've gotta

> Get down!

> On Friday.
From the director of Independence Day and
the Day After Tomorrow.
After all her friends are gone, this
once famous internet star becomes an
unlikely leader.

> Life goes on.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
And Sunday comes afterwards.
I don't want this world to end.

> Sunday Comes Afterwards.
A musical Armageddon.
Starring Rebecca Black.
Coming to theaters this Wednesday.