They deserve it. Brought to you by Nice Piece Productions.

Full Credits

Featuring: Oneil Cespedes as The Puncher
Featuring (In Order of Appearance):
- Jaime Shaps (Frustrated Driver)
- Todd Lane (Bad Parker)
- Emily Brown (Poor Grammar Girl)
- Joshua Nazaroff (Grammar Nazi)
- Lauren Olsen and Taylor Steinmann (Hot Friends)
- Brian Barclay (Gross Guy)
- John Gasienica (Puppy Predator)
- Panda The Dog (As Herself)
- Tyler Ingram (Cocktail Yuppie #1)
- Caleb Grant (Mr. False Modesty)
- Deidre Behar (Cocktail Yuppie Girl)
- Bennet Silverman (Cocktail Yuppie #3)
- Paul the PA (Homophobe Henry #1)
- Pat O'Brien (Homophobe Henry #2)
- Palmar Nackard (Shorter Gay Skipping Guy)
- John Gasienica (Taller Gay Skipping Guy)
Written By: John Gasienica and Bennet Silverman
Directed/Edited by: Bennet Silverman
Camera Operator: Pat O'Brien