Michigan State students ask Will questions.
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Michigan State audience.
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Published February 13, 2008

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College Student: So, what I was wondering is I'm here with three others, and I'm wondering if we can get four beers?

Will Ferrell: I can get you some grain alcohol.

College Student: We wanna know where Pearl is tonight.

Andrea Savage: Where's Pearl?

Will Ferrell: Where, Adam, do you know where Pearl is?

Adam: She's currently, uh, she's in Kenya shooting a movie with Sean Penn. Um, I haven't talked to her in eight months, so, uh...

Will Ferrell: I, I've seen some of the dailies it's some of her best work. Um, yeah.

College Student: Does that shirt come in a double extra large?

Will Ferrell: Uh, it, it only comes in a double extra large.

College Student: I was wondering where I can get a sweet a*s scooter like that?

Will Ferrell: Uh, like I said, I travel with fifteen of them, and, uh, I can sell one to you for about, uh, seven thousand dollars.

College Student: Five thousand?

Will Ferrell: Six?

College Student: Uh, five seven five.

Will Ferrell: You got it. Let me meet you backstage.

Andrea Savage: Sold.

College Student: Uh, my name's Leah and I'm just wondering if you prefer banana hammocks or tighty-whities?

Will Ferrell: I prefer, uh, something I call the boulder sling. Um, it's only available in Europe right now, but come spring, watch out.

College Student: Will you go streaking with me?

Will Ferrell: If you, if you start to take off your clothes right now...

College Student: We're going streaking!

Will Ferrell: If you take off your clothes right now, I'll start streaking.

Andrea Savage: Come on!

Andrea Savage: Here we go! Here we go!

Will Ferrell: Let's, let's bring out our next comedian.


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