A short film about what happens when you get too good at meditating.

Full Credits

Stephanie Hunt
Jesse Plemons
Nick Offerman
Megan Mullally
Derek Waters
Elisha Yaffe
Directed - Jeremy Cohen
Writers - Jeremy Cohen, Stephanie Hunt
Producers - Victor Moyers, Jeremy Cohen, Stephanie Hunt
Co-Producer - Elisha Yaffe
Costume Designer - Kim Ngo
Music - Voodoo Highway Music
Associate Producers - Jason Tobias, Nick Robinson
Editor/Cinematographer - Jeremy Cohen
Super 16mm Cinematography - Colton Davie


(jazzy music)
(keyboard clacking)
Female Narrator>A switch flicked in my headJeff's system's ridiculous, okay?I don't even know how to respond to you.I did believe in Jeff's system...Hey there, beautiful.Hi, Leo.I can't believe that you're talking about JS like this.Our kids?Our kids.Our kids?I gotta take Becca's side on thisMe, too.If I were being sarcasticJeff's System.Now I get it.I'm leaving.You--Don't touch me!Um, not the greatest timing,Hashtag...Hashtag what?Hashtag what?You gotta finish your hashtag.Yeah, you can't leave us hanging like that.You can't just say hashtag.Hashtag deadbeats.So the day after I broke up with Jeff,Jeff?Where the fuck is Jeff?He's gone.She made him disappear with her mind.Oh, right.And her evidence is irrefutable.Mm-hmm.She closed her eyes and meditated.But the Dalai Lama doesn't believe in magic.Whoa, what?I read it, you know.Becca, calm down.Yeah, well, I just maybe killed my boyfriend.Try it out on these idiots.Great idea, Leo.There are at least a dozen other explanationsLet's rule out your crazy oneOkay.Well, there you go.I didn't do it yet.Okay.Yeah, what are you doing?I'm still here!Make us disappear!Tim?I was gonna make waffles.What is going on with you?Jeff is missing.Jeff isn't missing.Jeff and I were arguing last nightUm, I'm sure they're just fucking with you.He's not answering his phone.Uh, yes, I do.See, his car is still here.Well, he's probably in your apartment.Okay, well I love your son,Oh really?All caps, no spaces?That's what the fucking Jeff System is?I kept running through in my mind