The pride of Mt. Tuskegee State, Willis Jackson, talks about why you should fear the draft and his plans for draft day 2010.

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Starring Columbus Short
Written & Directed by Chris Kula
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Announcer: This weekend, more than two hundred and fifty American males will be drafted into service of the NFL. Willis Jackson is one of these young men.
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Columbus Short: The draft is messed up, man. It's like, it's one minute you're just a college student trying to get a degree, and then, boom! You know? It's, the NFL is calling your name. Put a uniform on you, they're shipping you off to training camp, some old guy screaming in your ear 'Are you ready to go to war son?! Are you ready?!'
Columbus Short: Anyone that tells you they're not scared sh*tless of the draft? They're lying.
Announcer: Since its inception in nineteen thirty-six, the NFL draft has pushed more than thirteen thousand young men into NFL action.
Lane Kiffin: The Oakland Raiders select quarterback JaMarcus Russell.
Announcer: Their post-college dreams put on hold for a battle on the gridiron.
Columbus Short: I mean, honestly, I thought I, I could avoid the draft by going to, you know, a small school like Mount Tuskegee State, you know? Go Bulls. And then, uh, I made all conference my senior year, and, uh, Mel Kiper starts talking about my up side, and, uh, uh, he says, uh, [Cough] I'll, I'll prob-, I'm probably going in the second round. Um.
Columbus Short: I just wanted to be a teacher, man. You know? Just give, can we have a sec?
Announcer: For drafted players, the promise of an NFL paycheck does little to calm fears of the physical punishment that awaits them. Concussions, shattered bones, let alone the mental anguish.
Columbus Short: Man, you hear about these guys, you know, getting sent off to Detroit and Cleveland, and the sh*t they see over there? They're never the same again, you know?
Announcer: For players desperate to avoid NFL service, their last resort is the much whispered about practice known as draft dodging.
Columbus Short: I tested positive for marijuana. You know, I got aggressive with a young lady on, on a date one night, you know? I mean, she was saying no, I was saying yes. I won, which wasn't good for me legally, but it's just so many red flags, you know? And all I did was raise my stock with the Raiders.
Announcer: While more than twenty million Americans will tune in to view the draft, Willis Jackson will not be among them.
Columbus Short: I, I'm going to Canada, man. Um, I got to spend a lot of time with Tim Tebow at the Combine, and, you know, he says when it's all said and done, uh, he's going to the CFL.
Columbus Short: We, uh, got us to steal away to have a moment of prayer, and, uh, you know, God said it. Loud and clear. And, uh, fu*k the draft! And, uh, ay.