What happens if you overuse your cell phone and also you get stuck in your computer???
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Colleen Pelletier Sturtevant, Susan Chamberlain, Becca Singer, Aaron Zimmer
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Published: June 15, 2009
 Technology is a big part of most of the world's day to day life.  So what happens when you get sucked in?  

Starring Colleen Sturtevant (aka Colleen Pelletier), and Becca Singer.  Co-written by Colleen and Susan Chamberlain.  Music by Susan and Aaron Zimmer.

Was an official entry in the 48 hour film competition, New York City, in which you are given a genre, theme, character, line, and prop and must complete a film under 7 minutes within 48 hours.  Film screened at the Cantor Film Center on June, 6, 2009.