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I dream of morning and wind and imagine my guardian angel coming down to retrieve me.

My Muse,

My Aphrodite,

My Sharona,

My Jennifer Love,

My Lilith Fair,

You are all of them and more, And then some more.

You are lots of people all of whom I am fond of, but I like you the best.


You are like a honey and sugar coated piece of chocolate wrapped around stake stuffed with cheese and cotton candy…and skittles. (taste the rainbow)


I love you like my own foot, if you were cut out of my life, I would trip down stairs a lot and walk funny. And people would call me Stubby.


There has never in my later teen years during the warm months been a girl whose name started with ‘V’ whom I have felt quite as much love for…
Almost, but not quite… Not until you.

You complete me.