Sometimes an iPhone makes your life that little bit harder... A new funny thing from the Blaine Brothers.

Full Credits

Starring Fraser Millward and Cariad Lloyd
Based on an idea by Cariad Lloyd
Devised by Cariad Lloyd, Fraser Millward, Ben & Chris Blaine
Filmed and Edited by Ben & Chris Blaine
Rooftop Films, USA, July 2011
Rushes Soho Shorts, UK, July 2011
Big Sur, USA, June 2011
Just For Laughs, USA, June 2011 - nominated for the Christopher Wetzel Award
Over The Fence, Australia, May 2011
CrankCookie Shortfilm Festival, Germany, May 2011 - Winner of CrankCookie Award
Iron Mule Festival, USA, May 2011
Popcorn Comedy, UK, May 2011
LA Comedy Short Film Festival, USA, April 2011