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July 10, 2010


Hello, I’m Lyle Whiteman, Sheriff of Cochise County ARIZONA and I am here to give ARIZONA’s FINEST some tips on how to handle the new law SB 1070. Now, there are some people out there, who will say that we, the police do not have the common sense to implement this new law. They say that we will engage in racial profiling in order to carry out this law. I remind each and every one of you, that RACIAL PROFILING is against the law. So, today, let’s examine a few of the ways you can do your duty, without infringing on the rights of US CITIZENS or LEGALLY LANDED persons here in the great state of ARIZONA. #1 DO NOT use the way a person looks, as the reason to pull them over or detain them. Close your eyes, right before you scream HALT. #2 When stopping someone, don’t say to your partner, hey, let’s pull over that beaner. Remember, those cameras are always rolling on your squad car and we need that extra money from the TV show COPS. #3 Use common sense, if the car is loaded with say, 12 people, there is a good chance that you got a few illegals in the vehicle. But if it is two people in, say, a BMW or AUDI, just let them pass. Okay, let’s go to the line-up room now and teach young Fletcher McCann how to pick out an illegal alien, without using any racial profiling what-so-ever.