Herman Cain (Mike Tyson) sings John Lennon's classic 'Imagine There's No Pizza' like only Herman Cain can.

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Edited by Andy Maxwell

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♫ (Hail to the Chief theme)
(scratching sound)
(tinkling sound)
♫ (Hail to the Chief)
Herman Cain: We have so many freedoms
that it is easy to sometimes
take them for granted.
(echo) Take them for granted.
♫ (Imagine)
Mike Tyson: ♫ (lyrics) Imagine
the world with no pizza
Imagine a place it will be
A bunch of people looking anorexic
And never, never sharing
the American Dream
I never told a lie in my life
This is the best pizza pie
If we could all just ate pizza
pizza, pizza, pi-, pi-, eee-whooooo-zza
Can you imagine eatin' pizza
With everybody across the world
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo ♫
♫ (Imagine)
Vote for me.
♫ (Hail to the Chief theme)