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October 19, 2012


check out this trans scripts :

blue boy :
hey i'm blue and the gang blue. that this
about where had this debate from something
for battle international is that internet on youtube.

bug boy :
oh god that this watch episode offspring
on australia network has been watch mommy
and daddy see kissing scene has not for kids!.

long blue boy :
hey shut up this i'm a blue that anything gang blue.
watch australia story on australia network. that been
something has you clohting blue and this
legs blue not enjoy that this you again?.

little blue boy :
i not this blue boy has little blue boy that
about anything has you sucker punch has play
game infamous 2 on playstation 3. has not play
game this has not controller joystick with motion
playstation move that this try me been this!.

father blue boy :
hey gang blue and friends. sorry this account
youtube has blocked. this i can has watch this
account youtube has closed. that this about blue
boy and i'm blue has stopped mom blue has watch
television or play game on playstation 3 !!??.

mother blue boy :
hey blue boy?. has rest sleeping at the bedroom?.