For the people who have too many weddings to attend, Visa Vows has you covered for all those annoying wedding related expenses.

Full Credits

Jamie Chung
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Langan Kingsley
PRODUCER: Hans Sahni
DP: Mike Rosetti
1st AC: Michael McClure
GAFFER: Ben Rutkowski
KEY GRIP: Nestor Celaya
SET DRESSER: Dan Sadleir
WARDROBE: Francesca Roth
MAKEUP: Conor Susi
SOUND MIXER: Ryan Bertolami
PA: Sarah Roussin
EDITOR: Jennifer Chung
VFX: Joe Humpay

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(upbeat instrumental music)
That's right,
yet another wedding invitation.
Last year, I don't know what I would have done.
My wedding guest debt was spread over five different cards.
I was completely maxed out.
But this year, Visa Vows has me covered.
Visa Vows is the only credit card
designed specifically for people who have
to attend too many fucking weddings.
I get double points whenever I buy a pink dress,
and if that dress is from J. Crew or Ann Taylor,
my double points double.
And then I can use the double points to book travel.
Like when I need to buy airline, bus, and train tickets
to a rustic New England town with no wifi.
I'm booked.
Now I can use the money I just saved
on something else, like dip-dyeing my shoes
the same color as the rest of the goddamned wedding party.
Visa Vows is the only credit card
that gives you buy one, get one free
on West Elm candlesticks.
I buy so many fucking West Elm candlesticks.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still friends with people
who are so into candlesticks.
Thank you.
(electronic tone dinging)
That's my Visa Vows security alert.
If any charges come through for items or services
that further my personal happiness,
they're immediately flagged.
This one was for
a resubscription to my meditation app
that's been helping me deal with my breakup.
Visa Vows also detects when you have the burden,
I mean the honor, of being in the bridal party,
and sends texts to the other girls in the bachelorette party
to help remind them to pay you back for their share
of group dinners, hotel rooms, and liquor bills.
Because it's one thing to have to pay
for a mandatory vacation to go to a place
you dislike with people you hate,
and it's another to have to pay for it all yourself.
And Visa Vows doesn't require a payment
for the first 120 months,
so you don't have to think about your sinking debt hole
until your friends start getting divorced.
Visa Vows, it's everywhere--
are you fucking kidding me?
Another goddamed bouquet?
You know this shit doesn't work.
I'm still fucking single!
Visa Vows, now if I could only use it for my own wedding.
Or some Eat, Pray, Love shit.
Visa Vows.
It's everywhere you have to be.
(upbeat instrumental music)