Stone Daily tells weed jokes about the past weeks events involving marijuana.

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Hi I'm Stone Daily, and welcome to "This Week in Weed"

thousands of people flocked to Denver for the first 4:20 rally after the
legalization of recreational marijuana

the smoke above the rally was so thick that it changed bird migration patterns

a survey in Texas shows a 93% support for decriminalizing marijuana in the

This is suprising because the only other things that gets that much approval in
Texas are giant belt buckles.

Three phoenix residents were caught bringing 1,200 pounds of weed back from Mexico
on 4/20

observers of the incedent say that they could have been `less conspicuous

retired 94 year old supreme court justice John Paul Stevens said that marijuana
should be legalized federally

then he said everyone should check out his cover band "grand skunk railroad"

Puerto Rico is considering legalizing weed and prostitution to help their
national financial crisis.

this may be great news for pot smoking puerto rican prostitutes

This has been "This Week in Weed", I'm Stone Daily from the Weed Network.
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