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Full Credits

Writer- Matt Kirsch
Voices- Matt Kirsch, Lauren Palmigiano, Pat O'Brien, Owen Burke.
Editor- AJ Berna & Adriana Robles
Animation- Shawn James


People vs OJ.
We love it.
Juice is a close personal
friend, and in my second act
as president after putting
my face on the $30 dollar bill,
will be to pardon that
American hero.
You watching,
I-I don't get
that FX channel.
I have one of those
older television sets
made of mud
and sticks.
Who has juice?
I'm so thirsty.
My favorite
Alan Dershowitz,
because we both
went to Harvard.
Speaking of OJ,
Ted, you're
absolutely, 100%
not going to
be president.
Guys, come on,
no spoilers please.
Why are you always
so thirsty, Rubes?
Oh right, dry
mouth is a
side effect of
For your vagina.
So having a vagina is
a bad thing Ted?
Stop twisting my
words, witch.
As a true conservative, I
simply believe that women
belong in the
making the Bibles.
Ted, you're just jealous
because I'm right behind
Trump and
you're not.
Heh, right behind
Donald Trump.
Sounds like the world's
worst Human Centipede position.
Sorry, but my
asshole is taken.
It's been surgically connected
to the mouths of
the American people, and
boy do they love eating my shit.
I had a dream last night
that I was screwing Kato.
Best sex I've
had in years.
I can't believe
she said that.
Oh wow. That's crazy.
That's crazy talk.
Oh, fuck you guys, I'm inevitable.