The lawn dwellers at the Oddball Fest in Detroit know what it takes to make the most of the cheap seats.

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October 02, 2015


So, we're at the top of the hill
here at Detroit, Michigan.
Looks like the lawn has filled in
with some party animals.
Lets go down and meet some
people who are ready to get rowdy.
( music )
Describe the lawn culture to me.
Like what's going on up here--
Lawn culture is where you
get to do whatever the fuck you want.
Would you agree this is like
the fun people come
hang out here at the top of the hill?
Yeah, for sure. It's like
where the party people are.
What is the key to having a
good time on the lawn,
Emily, Emily, and Allison?
Anything else? Any sort of--
I don't know. A beer?
A beer?
( inaudible )
You got to make sure you have
plenty of beer.
That's why we're sitting over here next to the beer.
You guys are not near the stage at all.
The stage is over there.
You are watching the beer line.
What did you learn from your
last experience at Oddball
that you're bringing to this
experience so you can
have the awesomest time ever?
If you get too drunk they'll
put you in a wheelchair,
and kick you out.
He's had to carry me out a
time or two before.
What would you say the party essentials
is having a
good time on the lawn?
Definitely no pants.
You got some shorts--
I mean you want to take those off right now?
The show hasn't even started,
and his pants are off.
What did you bring in?
Is there any contraband
that came in with you guys?
I'm cool.
Oh look at this fishing lure.
Look at that lure.
This is going to catch some
nice trout.
Look at this.
Point somebody out who you
think might have some good weed.
These three.
Our two camera guys?
What have we learned today
here on the lawn?
That people in the United States
of America love to party.
Lets hear it people.
Are we going to party tonight?