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Starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Questlove and RZA
Written by Alan Yang
Directed by Michael Schur and Dean Holland

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The video opens with a graphic of a stage curtain. The following text is
shown - ?UESTLOVE ON: Television. The shot cuts to Questlove sitting in
an opulent library.

Questlove: Good evening. I'm Questlove, drummer for the roots,
bandleader for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and internationally renowned
scholar of television sciences. Recently, I've explored the
relationship (becomes voiceover) between NBC's Parks and Reaction and
the Wu Tang Clan.

The shot cuts briefly to a Parks and Recreation cast picture and then to
a band picture of the Wu Tang Clan.

Questlove (voiceover): Both are true ensembles.

The shot cuts to a screenshot of Questlove's Twitter page where an entry
is highlighted that read: Parks and Recreation is the Wu Tang of
comedy. An ensemble cast of which all the cast shine. The shot cuts back
to Questlove in the opulent library.

Questlove: I've unearthed some very interesting archival footage of
screen tests done by the producers of Parks and Rec...

The shot cuts to a picture of Amy Poehler as her character Leslie Knope.

Questlove (voiceover): ...for the character of Leslie Knope.

The shot cuts back to Questlove in the library.

Questlove: Take a look.

The shot cuts to a graphic that reads –






The shot then cuts to a set. A production crew is prepping to record. A
production assistant holds up a clapboard.

Production Assistant: Take one, Park and Rec screen test. AV mark.

She shuts the clapboard and moves out of the way. A director speaks from

Director: Action.

The shot cuts to Rashida Jones.

Rashida Jones: Leslie, you are like the sister I never had.

The angle changes to reveal that Rashida Jones is talking to Wu Tang
Clan's RZA.

RZA: Ann Perkins, you know you are always going to be my best friend.
We're gonna rock this world. Girl power.

Rashida Jones: Girl power.

RZA: Girl Power. Girl power.

Rashida Jones: Yes.

RZA: Love.

Director (off-camera): And, cut.

Rashida Jones: Wow. RZA that was amazing.

RZA: Rocked that shit, right. I was gonna kiss you and shit, but I
didn't want to fuck up all...

Rashida Jones: No. No, that wouldn't have been right at all.

RZA: Girls kiss. Yo, shit. Nowadays. Fuck, yo.

Rashida Jones: Maybe.

Director: RZA, that was an incredible audition. You just nailed it.

RZA: That's what I'm telling you son. You want some shit, yo. Put you in
the game.

Michael Schur: There's just one issue, which is the character of Leslie
Knope is a 34 year old woman from Indiana and you're a 6' 2” tall black
guy who is the leader of the Wu Tang Clan.

RZA: But you run shit, right?

Michael Schur: Yeah.

RZA: I thought you run shit here, baby. Because you gotta change
perceptions. Perception.

Rashida Jones: Absolutely

RZA gestures to Aziz Ansari.

RZA: Yo. He knows what the fuck I'm talking about, yo.

Aziz Ansari: I definitely, yeah.

Michael Schur: Yeah, yeah, no.

Director: Leslie could be a man's name.

Rashida Jones: Exactly.

RZA: Yo, I gotta run, though. I gotta audition with Julie and Julia.

Michael Schur: Oh, you're auditioning for Julie and Julia?

RZA: Yeah, I'm gonna get an Oscar baby.

Michael Schur: Are you auditioning for Julie or Julia? Or both? Do you

RZA: I'm gonna go for both. I'm going in, son. You know what I'm saying?

Michael Schur: Okay, that's great. It's great to meet you.

Amy Poehler walks up.

Michael Schur: Oh. Hi, come on in.

RZA: She's next?

Michael Schur: Yeah.

RZA: You know, good luck, but the gig is mine, mama. You know that, but,
do you're shit. Do your shit

Amy Poehler: It's really nice to meet you. I've heard the Wu Tang Clan
ain't nothing to fuck with.

RZA: That's right. Bring the motherfucking ruckus, baby.

Amy Poehler: Okay.

RZA leaves the set.

Michael Schur: Okay. Hey, I'm Mike, how are you?

Amy Poehler: Fine.

Michael Schur and Amy Poehler shake hands.

Michael Schur: It's Amy, right?

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Michael Schur: Why don't you slate and then we'll get started.

Amy Poehler: Okay.

The shot zooms in on Amy Poehler.

Amy Poehler: Amy Poehler. I have no agent and my manager is my mother,

The shot cuts to Rashida Jones and Aziz Ansari, who exchange a doubtful

Michael Schur (off-camera): Okay, Amy, whenever you're ready.

The shot cuts to a graphic with the following text -






The shot cuts back to Questlove in the library.

Questlove: Of course, Amy Poehler did eventually get the part. After 15
other people passed, including Christina Applegate...

The shot cuts to a picture of Christina Applegate.

Questlove (voiceover): Lucy Liu...

The shot cuts to a picture of Lucy Liu.

Questlove (voiceover): Elaine Boosler...

The shot cuts to a picture of Elaine Boosler.

Questlove (voiceover): Doris Roberts...

The shot cuts to a picture of Doris Roberts.

Questlove (voiceover): and, Ghostface Killah.

The shot cuts to a picture of Ghostface Killah and then back to
Questlove in the library.

Questlove: That's all for this edition of Questlove On Television. Tune
in next week for the true story of how the character of Ron Swanson was
almost played by Raven Simone. Goodnight.

The video fades to black.