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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Created by Eric Appel
Starring Jewel
Featuring Will Mclaughlin, Josh Covitt, Brian Finkelstein & Susannah Becket
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
2nd Cam: Kevin Stewart
AC: Brian Lane
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup/Effects: Alexei O'Brien
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Producers: Ally Hord, Sean Boyle
Editor: Kevin Oeser
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Special Thanks: Gas Lite Karaoke bar

Undercover Karaoke with Jewel

Voice-over: Exclusive.

Jewel: "So, Funny or Die called me and they wanted me to dress up as
somebody else, and have me go to a karaoke bar and sing my own songs,
and see if people would recognize it as me.

"Going through the makeup process was really fun. I got to wear a wig
and a big fake nose. This nose got bigger. And a business suit, and kind
of like a (unintelligible) suit. I had a butt for the first time in my
life. I'm pretty excited about it.

"I had a lot of business associates with me. We had little laminates
that were from a frozen foods convention. When me and my fellow
associates got to the karaoke bar, it was a really unusual place. They
were taking their karaoke very seriously."

(Karaoke singing.)

Jewel: "We really stood out. And then one by one, my guys started
getting up and singing karaoke, and in the middle of it they'd yell out
'Karen, you're next.'"

Crowd: "Karen, You're coming up next. Get you up here Karen. Karen. Karen, get up here and dance with us!"

Jewel: "And, it really wound the crowd up, like they'd look at me and
they're going 'Well, Karen, are you gonna get up there?' and I'd be
like, 'I don't want to.'"

Crowd: "Karen, Karen, Karen!"

Announcer: "Karen to the stage, please, Karen."

Jewel: "I could tell people were kind of pulling for me. I could tell
they knew I was nervous, and they kind of were wanting me to do good.
(Takes microphone). You guys, (unintelligible)."


Woman 1: "She sounds like Jewel."

Jewel: "I'm really pulling for Karen, like Karen was going to make it out of frozen foods. (Laughs.)"

(Crowd reacts with cheers as Jewel continues to sing.)

Man 1:"At first when I saw her sitting with three people, I said, well,
you know, she was kind of homely looking, but then when she started
singing, God! She's so sexy, how she's dancing!"

Announcer: "Shall we have her sing another Jewel song?"

(Crowd cheers.)

Announcer: "Yes, yeah, I think we should."

Man 1:"I think it's the first time that there's ever been an encore here."

Man 2:"It was, um, pretty off the charts there. (Unintelligible.)"

(Jewel sings.)

Woman 2 "Every person was like 'Wow, that girl is really good. She shouldn't be here.'"

Man 3: "She's got an unbelievable voice. I'll be honest, I would like to hear her sing again."

Woman 3. "I just thought she had been a professional, but they told me she only sings at Christmas parties."

(Jewel sings. Crowd reacts with cheers.)

Man in crowd: "Are you serious right now? Oh, my god."

Woman on the street: "I mean, it didn't matter, with a voice like that,
how pretty you are. With a voice like that, you can be an ugly girl and
get laid all the time."

Jewel: "And then we decided when I got off stage to go get out of my
prosthetics -- take the nose off, take the wig off -- and I came back
in, and they introduced me as Jewel, and I got up and sang."

Announcer: "Please welcome to the stage, Jewel!"

(Crowd cheers)

(Jewel sings.)

Jewel: "It was sweet. I mean, the whole bar was singing along.

"It's neat that I wrote a song when I was 18, and here we are years
later, and like the whole bar and karaoke kids were all singing it.
Everybody knew all the words. It was very sweet.

"Thank you guys."

Crowd: "Karen, Karen Karen...!"

Interviewer on the street: "So, did you see when she was in there as Karen?"

Woman 2: "Wha... Oh my gosh! I was duped."

Man 1: "I don't want to tell Jewel, but the girl that was singing her song may have actually been slightly better."

Interviewer: "Karen was actually Jewel. We put a fake nose on her and glasses and a wig, and, and..."

Man 1: "Wow! You guys are f**king geniuses. Wow! It was the same person. Oh."

Interviewer: "Great. I'm glad you had a good time."

Man 1: "Incredible. Wow. Thank you. Good night."