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October 17, 2011



We guac it out! x 8

East side guac it out

West side guac it out

North side guac it out

NYC guac it out!



Yo I'm a toro at heart, not a bully

err body knows that I guac it out fully

I get the works extra habbie skip the crema

That's the sour cream, not the Kremer

I be east bay hailin, new york city slayin

Rolling up burritos nearly every damn day

and if you say you ain't guacked it out lately

change that up playa and guac it out daily



I just be cutting the meat, and cutting the meat

Right up on the chopping block you know is where I’m

They be on some “gimme some cheese” and “gimme sime cheese”

But there’s already a slice of cheese steamed on the bottom

Sippin on an Arnold Palmer round the clock

Rice ain’t vegetarian it’s got a lil chicken stock

So darn popular, line around the block

On your way out, don’t forget to order guac





Now back to the guacamole

I drink it up like vanilla Stoli

I can’t stop it like a bad goalie

Avocado you my one and only

Up in da club with a couple of chips

You can find me VIP doing guacamole dips

Jarritos on ice take a couple of sips

It tastes so nice when it hits ya lips



Yo my name is Bridget at DT they call me Gidget

Get that taco steam it flip it then put guacamole in it

You can find me by the steamer showing playas how to play

Thug life til I die, 
and give a shout out to Ray Ray



You could get a quesadilla taco or burrito

Gotta have the guac or the pico, black beans or the pinto

Don’t forget the carnitas, the habanero will give you a

Don’t forget the sour cream verde and rice

Also you should eat at Dos Toros from morning to night

If you don’t want to stop at 14th and 4th
ave, that’s fine

Just walk a few blocks to West 4th and Carmine





East coast Gordo’s – is Dos Toros

Looking for burritos tacos platos you can score those

I got more flows, and even more tortillas

Monterey jack cheesy melting quesadillas

It’s O Krem but you can call me Guacka Flocka Flame

Bring the habanero pain, make it guacamole rain

It’s insane, I can’t even explain what I’m tasting

On any given day I’m getting guacamole faceded



Don’t guac it out on solo, I represent my Toros

This food is awesome for those who love it fresh made daily

Topped with pico and guac and have a party in your belly

I’m excited so I’m telling the world about our tacos

Service with a speed and smile, get your platos

Or have a mexi-coke, that’s for my sexy folks

We’re talking serious grub this food is not a joke

The food we make it with love and that’s the antidote