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November 18, 2014


SARAH: She alright?

SARAH: Yeah she’s fine. She decided not to press charges so that’s a happy ending.

SARAH: I changed the sheets.

PAUL: Thanks.

What time’s your flight?

SARAH: Nine thirty.

PAUL: This really isn’t the way I expected this weekend to pan out.

SARAH: Me neither...

PAUL: Yeah well we probably shouldn’t have had sex.

SARAH: Technically I can’t say that we did. Are we OK?

PAUL: Yeah, of course we are.


PAUL: We’re just so much better as friends.

SARAH: Yeah I know.

PAUL: I really, really value our friendship above everything else.

SARAH: Me too… I’m so glad we did this!

PAUL: So am I!

SARAH: OK Paul, you know how you always thought we’d be good together.

PAUL: Yeah?

SARAH: And I always thought we’d be better as friends.

PAUL: Yeah?

SARAH: Well now I’m thinking… oh I don’t want to say it.

PAUL: No, no, no, I think we’re thinking the same thing.

SARAH: Really?

PAUL: Yeah.

SARAH: Can we say it at the same time?

PAUL: Alright, on the count of three?

PAUL & SARAH: One… Two… Three...

PAUL: We should be friends-

SARAH: We should be together-

PAUL & SARAH: Wait, what?