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Starring: Matt Walsh, Valerie Jarrett
Writer: David Litt
Director: Matt Mayer
Producers: Michael Burke & Rob Hatch-Miller
Editor: Carina Jollie
Director Of Photography: Tyler Ribble
Camera Operator: Rob Migrin
Sound Mixer: Ivan Basauri


♪ [music] ♪
Matt Walsh: Whoa.
Valerie Jarrett: Uh, hello?
Matt Walsh: Oh,
Matt Walsh: hi, Valerie Jarrett?
Valerie Jarrett: Yeah, Matt Walsh.
Matt Walsh, I know you.
Matt Walsh: Wow.
Valerie Jarrett: So, do we have an
appointment or something?
Valerie Jarrett: What are you
doing here?
Matt Walsh: By default.
Matt Walsh: I was here on a tour, and
I start thinking, you know,
Matt Walsh: Obama's last Correspondents'
Dinner is tomorrow.
Matt Walsh: I'm thinking maybe his Senior
Advisor could use my help.
Valerie Jarrett: Have a seat,
and we'll talk.
Matt Walsh: Thank you.
[Clears Throat]
Matt Walsh: What if you do a video
where Obama's shaking keys
Matt Walsh: in front of a baby?
Valerie Jarrett: That's funny?
Matt Walsh: Well, for the baby.
Matt Walsh: What about a joke about how
the President was born in Kenya?
Valerie Jarrett: You mean, how people think
he was born in Kenya.
Matt Walsh: Right.
Matt Walsh: Okay, remember a few years
ago the President did a
Matt Walsh: Correspondents' Dinner, and then
the next day they got Bin Laden?
Valerie Jarrett: Of course I
remember that.
Matt Walsh: Anyway we could
do that again?
Valerie Jarrett: No.
Matt Walsh: Okay, what's the one thing people
can't get enough of right now?
Valerie: Kevin Hart movies.
Matt: Cop comedy.
Valerie Jarrett: Kevin Hart.
Matt Walsh: No. Say something
Valerie Jarrett: Are you going to
do a spit-take?
Matt Walsh: (Gulps) No way.
Matt Walsh: What if every time Obama
makes a joke that lands, he goes,
Matt Walsh: "Curry from downtown!"
Matt Walsh: I just need a list of countries that
it's okay to make fun of.
Valerie Jarrett: None of them.
Matt Walsh: Not even Belarus?
Matt Walsh: Is there really a drawer of
secrets like in National Treasure?
Valerie Jarrett: No, there's not.
Matt Walsh: What if Obama finally
said something racist--
Valerie Jarrett: You know what Matt?
Valerie Jarrett: I think the President's
going to be just fine,
Valerie Jarrett: and I need to call a
Senator about confirming
Valerie Jarrett: Merrick Garland.
Matt Walsh: Yeah, right.
Matt Walsh: And I gotta call a governor
about confirming
Matt Walsh: Rumpelstiltskin.
Matt Walsh: Oh.
Matt Walsh: Merrick Garland is
a real person's name.
Valerie Jarrett: Yeah.
Valerie Jarrett: Come on Matt.
Matt Walsh: Oh Valerie, would you
do me a favor, and call
Matt Walsh: my mother and wish
her a happy birthday?
Valerie Jarrett: Of course. Sure.
Matt Walsh: She's a Republican.
Valerie Jarrett: That's okay. I get hung
up on all the time.
Matt Walsh: Thank you.