Ed Asner and Doris Roberts star in a modern remake of a classic drive-in tale; Netflix And Chill.

Full Credits

Ed Asner as Bert
Doris Roberts as Edna
Director/Editor - Jack Bishop
Director/Editor - Justin Nijm
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Writer - Jon Millstein
Production Coordinator - Libby de Leon
Director of Photography - Matt Sweeney
1st AC - Jorel Odell
Key Grip - Brad Carr
Gaffer - Joe Pekwitz
Swing - Mike Maliwanag
Production Designer - Susie Mancini
Set Dec - Michael Castillo
Wardrobe - Jordy Scheinberg
Hair and Makeup - Aristotle Rector
Hair and Makeup - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound - GoPaul Bidari
Teleprompter - LA Teleprompter
PA - Matt Myers
PA - Zach Devito
Graphics - Shawn James


(he grimaces)
(music continues)
Doris Roberts: I'm going to be bed Burke.
Ed Asner: Why, it's only 8 PM.
Doris Roberts: I know, but I'm tired.
So I'm going to go to bed.
Ed Asner: Edna, Edna, Edna, listen.
Are you interested in
Ed Asner: trying Netflix and chill?
Doris: Let me sit down.
Ed: Yeah.
Doris Roberts: Dr. Morgenstern told
me that I should not be on my feet.
Doris Roberts: So now, Netflix and what?
Ed Asner: Netflix and chill sweetheart.
Ed Asner: It's a new trend among
young people, where you
Ed Asner: get together with the one
you love...
(he tickles her)
Ed Asner: And then you put on Netflix.
That's the movie
Ed Asner: system that Rebecca told
us about at Passover.
Doris Roberts: Oh.
Ed Asner: And one thing leads
to another, and then you know...
Ed Asner: Like that.
Ed Asner: You become intimate.
Doris Roberts: Wow.
Ed Asner: Okay.
Doris Roberts: Okay, fine.
Ed: Alright?
Doris: Yep.
Ed Asner: Thank God.
Ed Asner: Okay, well the first
thing we have is Narcos.
Ed Asner: It's a popular drama.
Doris Roberts: Okay.
Ed Asner: And then there's Sense 8,
which will get us in the
Ed Asner: mood, because it's got
naked people in it.
Doris Roberts: You are a devil.
Ed Asner: And then if we want
to get freaky like we used to
Ed Asner: we got Columbo.
Ed Asner: Or as I call it,
(she giggles)
Doris Roberts: I'm going to ask Rebecca.
Ed Asner: What? Oh come Edna.
Don't be a boner killer.
Doris Roberts: Well she knows better
than we do on what's
Doris Roberts: best from Netflix.
Doris Roberts: Hi, baby.
Doris Roberts: Yeah, this is Booba.
Ah baby, I'm well.
Doris Roberts: Are you?
Doris Roberts: Good.
How's college?
Ed Asner: What?
Doris Roberts: It's okay to sleep in
every once in a while.
Doris Roberts: I love you too.
Bye-bye baby. Love.
Ed Asner: You didn't ask her.
Doris Roberts: Oh God, I forgot.
Ed Asner: (mocks) I forgot.
Ed Asner: Well, just for that,
we're going to go right for Narcos.
Doris Roberts: Ooh.
Ed Asner: Yeah.
(music from the TV)
Doris Roberts: Netflix and chill feels so
familiar Burke.
Ed Asner: Mmhmm.
Doris Roberts: Hey Burke, if we've been
snuggling and watching
Doris Roberts: films since, what '63...
Ed Asner: '63.
Doris Roberts: Is Netflix and chill
really the new cultural phenomenon
Doris Roberts: you say it is?
Ed Asner: Hmm, I'm not sure Edna.
Ed Asner: Perhaps it's not.
Ed Asner: Perhaps it's just
something someone told us
Ed Asner: it was a trip.
Ed Asner: All because Huffpo,
Buzzfeed, PopSugar,
Ed Asner: and others decided to write
articles about it,
Ed Asner: in the same week in
their endless search for
Ed Asner: viral content.
Ed Asner: Heh.
Ed Asner: Now that I say it out
loud, it certainly sounds correct.
Ed Asner: Or maybe I'm just
out of touch.
Doris Roberts: You'll be more in touch
than I'll ever be.
Doris Roberts: I don't even know what
PopSugar is.
Ed Asner: I love you.
Doris Roberts: And I love you, as much
as anyone ever could.
Ed Asner: Mmm.
Doris Roberts: Just to be clear, is this
a handjob or a fucking?
Ed Asner: Good question.
(Funny or Die ending theme)