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Iont care whut they say is a dedly sin like PRIDE. Pride is good fur our selfsteem.... more »
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Happy Homosexual Day!
All you LGB & A…T…
So on and moreforths.
You're here,
you're queer!
Whatever be your freaky flag,
let that shit hang out
for all to see today.
This here's Loretta Jenkins
and I'm a proud faggety hag.
And if you watching this
and you hate queers,
then FUCK YOU!
They are takin over,
and the age of hetero-normalism is over!
Well thank god,
cause most of y'all was dicks
about the whole sexual ornamentation thing.
Today, we're not just saying,
"Come out, come out
wherever you are, queers…"
We celebrating my creator, Jason-
My #1 Faggot Buddy-
It's his birthday!
Like a Paula Abdul clap,
cause I know that piss him off.
We can do that shit.
Y'all know he was borned
on the very first Coming Out Day,
cause when he came out of that vag-
He was like,
"Eww! Hell no."
"I am NOT going back up in there!"
Or something sassy-faggy-snarky
like he do…
Y'all know how he do.
We ought not to have something
like a queer closet these days no way.
Unless you talkin about a piece of furniture
on the HGTV shows,
cause you can't sling a cat
without hitting a cocksucker on that channel.
I tell you what,
I would straight rape that
Design Star host,
I don't care what he like.
I'd give it to him GOOD!
For serious, y'all…
I done had a few,
and they right good fuckers.
I gots some stories…
How y'all celebrate this day, anyway?
You just stroll up to some folks
and say,
"Hey, I like dick!"
Cause I do that every Friday night
back behind the Sack-N-Sudz
and my dance card's full
for the whole weekend.
Last time, I had to get a tetanus shot,
cause I got some rust burn
from that dumpster they had me
propped up against.
Shit, them migrant motherfuckers,
they some rough little Mexicans.
Well, I guess since I ain't got
no queers on my show to come out,
we should just updater today's traditions
by just goin ahead and outing
all the celebrities that ain't
come out of the closet.
I'm sorry,
but if you doin gay shit on the DL,
and you ain't being honest with people,
then you ain't helping people,
you don't deserve no fame!
I'm talking to YOU Tyler Perry!
Let's start with your big gay black ass.
Now, it's common knowledge
that half the black men out there
is fuckin' ass on the down low.
They get them faces dick-slapped
by them Craigslist motherfuckers
when they go out on they little business trips.
But the Princess of this glass castle
is that old Madea.
That old fat, black drag queen fudge packer.
Cause he used to be all flaming, you know-
Then Oprah said,
"Hey! We can't be Power Blacks
and then be Gay!"
They livin' in the Anderson Cooper-
Jodie Foster closet now.
Cause Blacks-
They ain't more accepting than the Whites,
cause the more religious.
But you know what Tyler Perry did?
He had somebody go beat up
one of his fuckbuds.
Everybody told-
Well, you know…
He ain't the straightest arrow.
Oh come on…
He gets famous by dancing and prancing around
like a big fat drag queen
in a moo moo dress.
No 100% Pussy-Lovin REAL man
gonna be getting' all sissified,
lessen he be gay!
Goddamn, my anger got me all off track.
Let's just celebrate.
Fuck him!
You is LOUD!
You is PROUD!
And I love y'all-
Cause y'all live a life
that says, "Fuck you Assholes!"
And that means we are
solidarity in our hearts and souls.
Me and you.
I will be a faggety hag
until the day I die!
Well honestly,
you can't get nowhere in Tinsletown
lessen the faggots love ya.
I learnt that early on.
Man, I hope next time I come back,
I come back as a gay.
Cause then everybody would
quit saying I was such a whore.
Cause queers?
They allowed to be whores All Day!
I'd be the whoriest gay they ever was!
And that's How I Seize It!
Well hey!
Go ahead and resurrect me
so I can fulfill my
twenty dicks-a-day quota!
Anybody wanna come fuck…

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