'This is 40' Deleted Scene with Maude Apatow


Girl: Did you see the Kardashians?
Boy: Who is your favorite character?
Girl: I mean, I like Khloe.
I feel like Khloe is kind
of the smartest, but ...
Boy: The smarty.
Girl: Well, out of all of them.
Boy: Oh, all right. That makes more sense.
Girl: But she gets so annoying
when she does that like
nasally voice when she's
like, "Lamar", like that.
Boy: Oh, she doesn't do it like that.
She's like, "Oh, Lamar. Lamar baby."
Girl: "Lamb lamb, I'm sorry I
have to miss the Lakers game
but I have to go to Dash."
But then there's Kourtney
and I like Kourtney.
She seems the most responsible.
I just feel like she doesn't
really with the whole Scott thing,
that's just hard because she loves him,
but he's really out of control.
She's like, "Scott has really
gotten out of control."
"I mean, I really thought
that he was gonna change"
"now that we have a baby."
Boy: She gave up a lot for that boy.
He just goes out and drinks.
He's kind of my role model.
Girl: But then Kim, Kim works so hard.
Like after watching all those
episodes, the one thing you
really like take from is
that Kim really works.
She's got that high voice
that kind of sounds like
Khloe's voice and
Kourtney's voice combined.
Like, "Yesterday we went
to the store and I saw"
"Mason and Kourtney and
we had so much fun."
"I'm so sick of everyone
thinking I have butt implants."
"I mean why would they think that?"
"I mean who does that? "
Boy: That explains
everything, butt implants.
Girl: She didn't have
butt implants, though.
Did you see that episode where
they like did an x-ray on her butt?
Boy: How does it get that big?
Girl: I don't know, but it just is.
It's not, there's no butt implants.