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Full Credits

Starring: Darrell Hammond, Mike Tyson, Rob Delaney, Erin Gibson, Reggie Brown, Bryan Safi
Written by: Alex Fernie, Joel Church Cooper, Nick Wiger
Directed by: Alex Fernie, Lauren Palmigiano, Scott Gairdner, Danny Jelinek
Produced by: Ally Hord, Anna Wenger, Alex Richanbach
Coordinator: Michelle Fox
DP: Paul Rondeau, Jonathan Nicholas, Gaffer: Nathan Danilczuk, Tony Lopez Cepero
Hair: Jodi Mancuso, Kat Bardot
Makeup: Josh Turi, Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Matthew Hemesath, Nicole Boutiette
Sound: Brendan Murphy, Ryan Kaiser, Bo Sundberg
Art: Noah Grant-Levine, Ellie Del Campo, Erin Cantelo
PA: Chris Unico
Special Thanks: Karen Giordano, Lisa Robicheaux, Dan Starer, Beth Armogida
Edited by: Elliot Dickerhoof, Maxwell Riesberg


♫ (Hail To The Chief) ♫
♫ (Hail To The Chief) ♫
Mitt: Hello, I'm Mitt Romney.
And I'd like to thank Funny or Die
for giving me this opportunity to
speak directly to the Internet.
Hermie: Hello, Hermie King here
with a message for the Internet ...
You're way too complicated!
Ron: Hey everybody, this is Ron Paul.
I just wanted to thank Funny or Die for
letting me talk directly to their audience
and clarify what my political ...
Michele: I'm Michele Bachmann,
the current frontrunner
for the GOP nomination!
Marcus: And I'm Marcus Bachmann!
And we built this dream together!
Nothin's gonna stop us now! (laughs)
That's from my favorite movie "Mannequin"!
Rick: Hello, Governor Rick Perry here.
I know I saluted a second ago,
but I always salute when I ...
After I squeeze one out!
Mitt: Is anyone in the whole world
excited about me being president?
Hermie: Funny or Die.
Why are there two options?
My 1-1-1 plan calls for one.
Website where you can search for one word
and get one response.
Ron: Hey Mitch, are you sure they can
see me there in the shot?
Are you sure you're framed up right?
Michele: Marcus, do you
think there's another website
where I can get another kid?
Marcus: I don't know,
whenever you're outta town,
I find everything I need on Craigslist.
Mitt: I'm going to be
your next president ...
Because I'm not crazy and I'm not black.
So you might as well get used to it.
Rick: (laughing)
Have you awesome bitches seen the one
where that baby panda sneezes?
Oh man, I love that. It's adorable!
Singing: ♫ Pizza-pizza-pie ♫
Mitt: I'll see ya later, Internet!
And remember to vote "funny" ...
Oh wait, no, die.
Obama: Funny or Die.
That's a kitten in a box and ...
these are boobs!
BAM! That's it!
That's how you talk to the internet!
♫ (Star Spangled Banner)♫
Hermie: CANE!