Things get a little weird at the Kansas City Oddball Fest stop when we invite fans inside our ’70s-style carpeted van.


Hey, it's Mike with
Funny or Die Oddball News Team.
We are here in Kansas City,
Missouri for the first
day of the festival. We got
our 70s style van here, and
we're going to invite some
folks inside.
See if it gets weird.
On a scale of 1 to 10, what
do you think of this van?
I'm going to give it like a 7.
I think it has...
My fiancé is out there somewhere.
- He was a little sketched out by the fan.
- Wait what?
Her fiancé was like, "No-no, go in that
van with that guy you don't know."
"I'm going to hang out here.
If he's got drinks, take'em."
And what do you do?
I sell t-shirts.
I feel like everyone's lying
to me right now.
You sell t-shirts like, at a
t-shirts store?
Did anyone sneak anything in?
Just weed. Is that okay?
Did you guys just meet in KC,
or did you come here--
Oh you did?
Can you tell me the meeting story?
We met online.
On Funny or Die's Parascope?
That's alright. I was trying to
shout out some of our
social media channels.
She got pregnant in a church.
Everyone shut the fuck up.
Everyone shut up.
Everyone be quiet.
You got pregnant in a church?
Nobody knows when I ovulated.
So I mean, it's really up in the
air. I don't know.
- Weren't you already in here?
- Yeah.
You guys were already in here.
Alright, take a seat.
Come on in.
I just want to let you know
that your boobs look real good.
Oh well, thank you.
I'm gay, and I noticed that.
Thank you.
Okay, moving on.
How many of you had sex in
a carpeted van?
I haven't.
I have not.
I haven't either.
I don't know.
Alright, Kansas City,
It did get pretty weird.
Nice job.
We'll see you at the next stop.