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Full Credits

Party Probe - Paul Peglar
The 3 Guys - Sean Hankinson, Michael Ludden, Ben McClain
The Dude with the Dog / Voiceover by Andy Lange
Godzilla - Katie Horwitch
Godzilla's Friends - Ashley Durham, Jessica Freedman
Party Host: Charlie Pecoraro
Keg Guy - Eli Cohn
6 Pack Dude - Zack Colman
The Hookers - Karli Watland, Giovanna Hurwitz, Tom Vrab
Directed by Bryan Binder
Written and Produced by The Shelf: Joel Danto, Danny Silverman, Andy Lange
Produced by Jason Potash
Edited by Waldo Centeno
Composer - Scott Francisco
Sound Re-recording Mixer - Andy Lange
Sound Editing by Mark Hailstone
Makeup and Hair by Giovanna Hurwitz
Production Designer - Karli Watland