Drew and Bill deal with some psychological tension when Bill starts his own Talk-Show...live from his living room.

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November 13, 2015


♪ ♪
And yes Mr. Trump,
this is my own hair,
and I do fund my own campaign.
Okay folks, you know
him from the accounting firm,
and of course his
world famous waffles.
Please welcome
the one, the only--
[Drew]: Bill?
Uh, what are you doing?
And here he is, Drew Byerly.
Come on, sit down man.
I heard you just went downtown.
How was it?
Check out any new clubs?
Just got some groceries.
This guy loves shopping.
[background voice]:
World famous waffles.
I'm not even kidding.
[Drew's voice in his head]:
The medication wasn't working.
He still thinks he
has his own TV show.
♪ ♪
He's on Season 4 now.
It all started after that
earthquake three years ago.
He hasn't been the same since.
Truth is, I can
hardly stand it anymore.
But I will continue to play
along if it makes him happy.
-Hey Bill.
-Oh hey Drew. What's up?
Oh, nothing much man.
Hey, you all dressed up for your show?
[stammers] Yes-yeah, my show tonight.
That's right.
And what time is it on again?
:00... sharp like every night.
:00... [stammers]
I can make that. I'll be there.
[Bill's voice in his head]:
The medication wasn't working.
He still thinks I
have my own TV show.
♪ ♪
Three long years of the
same show, day in, day out.
He's my guest
every single night.
It all started with that
earthquake three years ago.
Truth is, I can't stand
to do another show.
I mean, I want to get
a real job, have a real life.
This is lunacy.
But I will continue to play along,
not for me, but for him.
[Drew's voice in his head]:
There was another dead
dog outside today.
I'm growing worried, and I'm sure the neighbors are growing suspicious.
-Doug: Why the hell is
there a dead dog outside?
-Bill: Oh, shoot.
Bill: He's sitting on my bed again.
What does he want?
What does he need?
[Doug mumbles in his head]:
Oh... Yeah, this can wait.