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lizzy the lezzy, it’s muff that I munch

lizzy the lezzy, I like it for lunch

lizzy the lezzy, I like women’s bits

lizzy the lezzy, I’ll play with your tits


muff munchers J


I know
I complain a lot but I do like being a lesbian really. There is another thing
that bugs me though…Why do straight girls always think you fancy them? One of  my best friends is a straight girl. She’s
convinced I want to lick her pussy. She told me she’s scared that I’ll suddenly
grab her tits or something. Tut. Silly.


last week she finally slept with a woman. There was a guy there too of course.
and then she told me that all she could think about at the time, was how she
was going tell me that she’d actually done it. You’re licking some girl’s pussy
and all you can think about is me?!   Who
fancies who here?


she says she's not homophobic any more and so she’s started kissing me on the
mouth. Bla! I don’t wanna kiss her on the mouth! Who knows where her mouth has


truth is though, I did break the number one lesbian rule, and I fell in love
with a straight girl once. It was a while ago now, but I still remember he
lovely breasts. Ahhh.  I fantasised about
her for months. She never knew of course. So beware, straight girls, because
you never really know when some dirty lezzy is checking out your tits!