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February 08, 2010


Male Speaker 1: And now, something
from Funny or Die Presents.
Tim Heidecker: Yesterday was such a disaster.
We just felt so bad about it.
Tim Heidecker: We got you a little
surprise. It's a horse
Tim Heidecker: massage gift certificate.
Take a look.
Eric Wareheim: Eric: There you go.
Eric Wareheim: You know, a horse massage
is a state of the art treatment.
Eric Wareheim: You get a real horse. It has
something to do with the
Eric Wareheim: hooves. That's what
makes it so special.
Zach Galifianakis: I heard about this.
This is really, really nice.
Tim Heidecker: Cancel your plans for
this afternoon, because
Tim Heidecker: it's happening today.
Eric Wareheim: Horse massage.
Zach Galifianakis: Okay, cool.
[phone rings]
Zach Galifianakis: Thank you.
Tim Heidecker: (giggling) Tim Heidecker's phone.
Who may I ask who's calling?
Tim Heidecker: Tim: What?
Tim Heidecker: No. I can't do
it tomorrow.
Tim Heidecker: No. It has to be today.
Tim Heidecker: That's not fair. You're being
a bad business man.
Tim Heidecker: Well this, well then
forget it, cancel it.
Tim Heidecker: Eric, a word.
Tim Heidecker: That was the horse
massage people.
Tim Heidecker: They're not coming
today. They cancelled.
Eric Wareheim: What are we
going to do?
Tim Heidecker: Well, I don't know, but
I'm not telling him
Tim Heidecker: he's not getting a horse
massage today after all the
Tim Heidecker: things he's
been through--
Eric Wareheim: Shhhh.
Eric Wareheim: I think I have
a solution.
[music plays]