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Full Credits

Actor- David Spade, Charlotte McKinney
Special Thanks- Heather Santoro
background- Stephanie Smith, Aidan Zordich, Jessica Dancer, Libby de Leon
Director- Kevin Mead
Writer- David Spade
EP- Christian Heuer
Producer- Libby de Leon
Editor- Marty Cramer
DP- Matt Sweeney
Cam Op- Matt Diamond
Gaffer- Jenn Cohen
Key Grip- Max Erwin
HMU- Gabby Grave
Wardrobe Stylist- Michelle Thompson
Sound- Danny Carpenter via BoTown Sound.
Art Designer- Jennifer Herring
Art Assistant- Lucy Orich
PA- John Hume, Jessica Dancer, Connor Glass


♪ [music] ♪
David Spade: Next.
Charlotte McKinney: Hey.
David Spade: Hi.
David Spade: Heading in
to Coachella?
Charlotte McKinney: Yes sir.
David Spade: Okay.
David Spade: Just a couple
quick questions.
David Spade: How long are you
going to be in here?
Charlotte McKinney: Just 3 days.
David Spade: Okay.
David Spade: How many outfit
changes do you have?
Charlotte McKinney: About 32.
David Spade: Feels a little light,
but that's up to you.
David Spade: Do you have a job to get
back to Monday?
Charlotte McKinney: Absolutely not.
David Spade: Bit of a loser. Okay.
Charlotte McKinney: Quick question, is the wind
going to be blowing the whole time,
Charlotte McKinney: because, you know, I'd rather
it not be so windy.
David Spade: I'll mark down
your preference.
David Spade: Okay, back to what
you're not doing.
David Spade: Do you have any
special skills?
Charlotte McKinney: Uh yeah, I know how to
Instagram pretty well, so.
David Spade: Is that it?
Charlotte McKinney: Yeah. Well, isn't that
kind of like a GED?
David Spade: Yeah. It's sort of like a year
of DeVry, I would guess.
David Spade: What's the worse thing that's
ever happened to you at Coachella?
Charlotte McKinney: Well, one time I tore my
back-up sunglasses,
Charlotte McKinney: because I forgot
my cool ones,
Charlotte McKinney: and my back-up
sunglasses are so shitty.
Charlotte McKinney: Oh, and then I got molested
one time by a bouncer.
David Spade: Okay. So which one
was the worse?
Charlotte McKinney: The back-up
David Spade: I hear ya. I've had
that happen. It's horrible.
David Spade: Okay. Well, this is a
bit personal, but what's
David Spade: the highest number
of followers of someone
David Spade: you've had sex
with at Coachella?
Charlotte McKinney: I had sex with a
guy who had 28K.
David Spade: That is a
lot of K's.
David Spade: Um, okay. And
what did he do?
Charlotte McKinney: I think he was a DJ,
and a personal trainer,
Charlotte McKinney: and a rapper,
Charlotte McKinney: oh, and a William
Morris agent.
David Spade: Sounds focused.
David Spade: And where did you
have sex, a porta potty?
Charlotte McKinney: I mean, where else
would you do it?
Charlotte McKinney: His hotel was like 60 miles
away, or something.
David Spade: I got it.
I got it.
David Spade: I get it.
David Spade: What bands are you looking
forward to seeing?
David Spade: There's bands here?
David Spade: Yeah, there's going
to be like 70.
Charlotte McKinney: That's great. When did
they add that?
David Spade: Oh, probably
like 14 years ago.
Charlotte McKinney: Oh, so if we get bored, we can
just go watch the bands or something?
David Spade: I think that's the idea.
David Spade: If you run out of everything
to do, maybe you go see a band.
Charlotte McKinney: Also, and that guy from
Guns N' Roses, can you like tell
Charlotte McKinney: him in between sets to
like stop talking, because
Charlotte McKinney: you know, I just
rather him not.
David Spade: Less blab from Axl.
David Spade: Hey, before you go in,
would you want to buy
David Spade: some coupons for
the Molly stand?
David Spade: It's gluten free this
year, which is great.
David Spade: And if you buy a coupon,
it's sort of a bonus,
David Spade: you get half off of
all Moon Rocks till 5 PM.
[clicks teeth]
David Spade: It's a lot cheaper if you buy
it here. I'm just giving you a tip,
David Spade: just between us girls.
David Spade: And there's an IV stand
about 30 feet in.
David Spade: You hook it up, and it
just pumps a lot of self
David Spade: esteem back into your body
for when you're driving home,
David Spade: and you're so embarrassed,
and it's 3 hours,
David Spade: and you're like,
"What the fuck am I doing with my life?"
David Spade: Obviously nothing. I've been at
Coachella for 4 days.
David Spade: No one's missed
me at all.
David Spade: I haven't missed work.
I haven't missed shit.
David Spade: My dog's probably dead, and
I want to blow my brains out,
David Spade: but let's go
to In-N-Out.
David Spade: You know
what I mean?
Charlotte McKinney: In-N-Out's not
really my thing.
David Spade: Oh, why?
Charlotte McKinney: I'm kind of on a diet.
David Spade: How long have you
been on a diet?
Charlotte McKinney: Since I was born.
David Spade: On a side note they
want me to ask,
David Spade: who would you vote for,
for President if the
David Spade: elections were
right now?
Charlotte McKinney: I think the Beebs.
David Spade: Beebs? Okay.
David Spade: If he's some how isn't
running, who would it be?
Charlotte McKinney: I think that old guy
Colonel Sanders.
Charlotte McKinney: He says Coachella's going
to be free next year.
David Spade: Oh yeah, I'm
sure he did.
David Spade: And, can you promise that
when you do see bands,
David Spade: that you hold up your phone
to block anyone near you,
David Spade: and then over film
the fuck out of it,
David Spade: and Snapchat it, and no
one will ever fucking care
David Spade: and they'll hate
your guts for it?
Charlotte McKinney: Well yeah, because
I have to have a story.
David Spade: Yeah, that's right.
David Spade: Lastly, how many times
have you Snapchatted that
David Spade: filter of you with like a
dog sticking your tongue out?
Charlotte McKinney: That one, I don't know.
Maybe like a 1000.
David Spade: Well, keep it up.
That does not get old.