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Full Credits

Writer: Ricky Sans
Director: Ricky Sans and Carlos Santos
Producers: Ricky Sans, Carlos Santos, Super Kudzu
DP: Rafael A. Leyva
Gaffer: Tyler Rosseau
Editor and Music: Carlos Santos
Graphics: John Paliferro and Carlos Santos
Special Thanks: Scott Davis
STARRING (In order of appearance)
Dater 1: Eric Wielochowski
Dater 2: Cassie Ramoska
Felix: John Paliferro
Dater 3: Jeremy Briggs
Dr. Evan O'Neil: John Druska
Richard: Ricky Sans
Martha: Amber Kenny
Dater 4: Leo Margul
Dater 5: Anna Katz-Soringer
Amber: Sara Lukasiewicz
Happy Dater 1: Scott Davis
Happy Dater 2: Gina Ippolito
Christine: Alexis Simpson
Derek: Carlos Santos
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