In America where every day citizens murderously purge the weak, a family struggles to... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Brittany Luque -- Lena Headey
Julio Newman -- Ethan Hawke
Agent Orange - The Mask
Produced by Julio Newman and Darren Watson
written and directed by Julio Newman
2013, Final Vinyl Films
I own no media/music rights.
Links to all media/music:
OJ - http://youtu.be/jED_PB5YQgk
Smash! - http://youtu.be/r18R4Zr1Etg
Gangster - http://youtu.be/Phjqn_ePEd4
Cloverfield - http://youtu.be/RkFcHUvyJ-k
Gangsters - http://youtu.be/QvaY4Kf3dzs
Will Smith - http://youtu.be/8cBRfjcY9SQ
Bieber - http://youtu.be/d3GBQCYxNho
Dutch week - http://youtu.be/naNNIx92ADU
Goat - http://youtu.be/EtHUl9fRjks
Cheese - http://youtu.be/_GdVnzDFyLg
Test - http://youtu.be/rF4BCMs-8BE
Domino's - http://youtu.be/n17B_uFF4cA
The color run - http://youtu.be/4EERSfHiqT8
Nuke - http://youtu.be/k2a30--j37Q
Horror music - http://youtu.be/zXDgi0UnfeI
Music - http://youtu.be/NweQut6kFNs
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Published June 20, 2013
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