A (completely straight) man is hard to find. “80/20” follows Jesse on a journey of... more »
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Additional Credits:
Directed by Wendy McClellan, Michael Izquierdo, and Vayu O'Donnell. Filmed by Michael Izquierdo, Christopher Gerson, Miles Adgate and Craig DiFolco. Edited by Christopher Gerson. Original music by Evan Olson.
Staring: Vayu O'Donnell and Christopher Oscar Pena.
Co-staring: Mike Crane, Shannon Esper, Jennifer Ikeda, Michael Izquierdo, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe Matthew Rauch, and Victor Williams.
With Special Appearances by: Leigh Dunham, Stephanie Fieger, Cassandra Freeman, Lauren Holmes, Armando Riesco, Liv Rooth, Lee Aaron Rosen, Rachel Spencer Hewitt, and Amirah Vann.
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